Introducing Anjna Lal, Marketing & Communications Manager

Anjna’s career is built upon 20+ years of corporate marketing management experience as well as her entrepreneurial background in coaching and consulting. Her connection with automation and manufacturing comes from her work at Epson America as Marketing Manager of Epson Robots where she managed all the marketing activities for both North & South America for 5 years.

In alignment with Facteon’s vision, Anjna seeks to communicate our value proposition and elevate our thought leadership as an expert in factory automation robotics. 

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I’ve always valued the power of communication, establishing connection and cultivating lasting relationships with customers as well as my team. I believe that ‘connection’ is the new currency so when it comes to marketing all 3 are essential in order to be successful in conveying the right message to the right people and in the right way. I enjoy seeking out opportunities to showcase our brilliance as well as the impactful results we create for our customers.

What challenges and changes have you noticed in marketing recently and how do you respond to them?

Digital Marketing. The biggest change has been in the way buyers respond to information. With so much information readily available at their fingertips via search engines and social media it’s become challenging to cut through the noise to stand out and be heard in a crowded market. Customer’s attention spans are shorter and distractions are increasing so it’s really important to clarify our marketing messaging so that it come into focus and fully lands with our buyers. Value-based sales and marketing via social media is trending because it creates engagement. Adding value is a great way to build trust with customers so they become wide open to hearing more from us.

What technology has impacted your life the most?

LinkedIn. I’ve leveraged it throughout my entire career to find – connect – engage – cultivate professional relationships with hiring managers as well as customers. LinkedIn is a powerful vehicle to secure business with potential buyers.

What gets you out of bed every morning?

Everything is figureoutable - I see problems as opportunities to find solutions. I really enjoy helping people elevate into expansion rather than accept the status quo. Connecting with people & building authentic relationships comes naturally to me, and I realised early into my career that strategic relationships was foundational to being successful in my marketing career. 

What do you get up to when you’re not marketing factory automation robotics?

I love all things business and personal development. In my spare time I like to read to expand my creativity and knowledge in business.

I’m often found in my yard tending to my vegetable garden or at the beach reading, picnicking and adventuring with my family.


Rob Veal

Rob Veal

ANZ Key Account Manager

As Facteon’s ANZ Key Accounts Manager, Rob utilises a customer relationship-driven approach to sales management and delivery to work consultatively with manufacturers to understand their pain points. With a depth of experience in IT sales management, Rob is passionate about providing New Zealand and Australian manufacturers with powerful Industrial IoT offerings that enhance their ability to compete globally.