Press transfer machinery with robotic integration

High speed press line machinery for metal forming.

Facteon has decades of experience in designing and building metal forming machinery. We are focused on delivering automated, high speed lines that utilise the latest robotic technologies to optimise product quality and cycle time. Facteon also engages in tooling development and manufacture.

Automated press transfer machinery

Off-The-Shelf or Custom Robotics Integration

We have strong relationships with a number of major robotics suppliers so we can source and integrate the best technology available. We can supply robotics suited to standard transfers. If you have more complex transfer requirements that can't be solved by an off-the-shelf solution, we're able to design and build customised robotic transfer systems. Facteon is also able to supply robotic systems for end of line transfers and packing of product prior to distribution.

Broad Network of Press Machinery Suppliers

The Facteon team works closely with you to understand your specific requirements based on the product you're producing and the related manufacturing processes. For specific applications, we can source a press from our broad network of suppliers. We then work closely with your team to seamlessly integrate the technology into your factory.

Custom Press Transfer Machinery

With extensive experience designing press machinery, Facteon is able to supply machinery solutions for a variety of applications. Our solutions ensure the upmost precision which is essential in creating any high-quality product.

Custom Production Line Tooling Development

If you require custom tooling our in-house, vertically integrated Machine Shop is able to design and produce exactly what you need. You'll have a single point of contact and certainty that the tooling produced will function effectively in your production line.


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