Facteon People: Automation Engineer to Industrial IoT Implementer

Meet Greg, Facteon’s Industrial IoT Lead Implementation Engineer. Not only does Greg have one of the longest job titles at Facteon, he’s an integral part of delivering powerful Industrial IoT (IIoT) software and hardware solutions to customers across the globe.

Having started his career as an Apprentice Electrician with a FMCG giant, Greg honed his automation skills in both NZ and internationally prior to progressing into a Control Systems Engineer role at Facteon.

In mid-2018, Greg made the move to Facteon’s Industrial IoT Products team.

Here, Greg reflects on his career so far.

Why did you make the move from Automation to Industrial IoT?

The opportunity to continue progressing from a technology standpoint.

When I joined the IIoT Products team 18 months ago, IIoT was still in its infancy. I was looking for a new challenge and an opportunity to freshen up my skills.

Today, I deploy cutting-edge technology that propels manufacturers forward in their pursuit of excellence. That’s both rewarding and exciting. 

What was the biggest challenge in making the move to Industrial IoT?

I’d say it was the different lens through which the IIoT team evaluates factory operations.

Often, we’re not working with a blank canvas. We seek to understand what technologies the manufacturer has in place and what action is required to unlock the potential of their operations.

There is an added layer of complexity in helping manufacturers understand the power of the IIoT technologies on offer.

IIoT does not replace automation technologies; it enhances their performance.

For example, a manufacturer can continue to operate an outdated PLC through the addition of cost-effective IIoT sensors. This simple enhancement can significantly improve the PLC’s performance.

IIoT is more than a concept or movement; it’s a set of robust, validated and future-proof manufacturing technologies.

Whether you’re looking to unload an outdated PLC or to track machinery maintenance across your facility with a Cloud-based solution, there’s a range of IIoT solutions equipped to provide your facility with a competitive edge.

In the way that I have a fist pump moment when the IIoT Products team solves a manufacturing challenge, the manufacturer has its own lightbulb moment when their team understands the potential of these new technologies to drive the achievement of their business goals.

What gets you out of bed every day?

Without a doubt, it is the opportunity to contribute to the success of manufacturers. Whether it’s a fist pump at the team stand-up when we have deployed a new software product feature, or if it is a ‘Thank You’ from the customer following an on-site hardware implementation, those moments are what get me out of bed every day.

Greg Purcell

Greg Purcell

Industrial IoT Lead Implementation Engineer

Greg’s role involves leading the implementation of Facteon’s Industrial IoT solutions for our software product, COSMOline. With his prior experience as a Facteon Control Systems Engineer, Greg brings a unique perspective and a strong understanding of PLC’s. He’s also a certified integrator of Ignition by Inductive Automation. Greg plays a key role in defining and implementing Facteon’s modern day SCADA approach that aims to prevent SCADA becoming a bottleneck for machine data.