Direct drive & electric motors

Produce robust direct drive & electric motors that perform in market.

Facteon's direct drive motor solutions cover the full range of producing both stator and rotor components. We have a rich history of supplying a range of manufacturing equipment, integration and automation to leading motor manufacturers. Our focus is on material efficiency and process repeatability to ensure a high-quality product for your customers. Facteon's direct drive and electric motor expertise allows us to provide highly automated solutions to a range of industries, particularly home appliances and automotive.

Direct drive & electric motor manufacturing systems

Press & Lamination Tooling Machines

Our machines combine a high speed and precision press with a fine blanking tool to pierce and separate two lamination strips from a single steel strip. This lamination strip design minimises material waste and enables a precise lamination winding process.

Lamination Winding Machines

Our unique lamination winder technology winds a continuous notched-out strip into a helical lamination coil. This coil uses laser welding technology to connect each layer. The dimensional accuracy of this system produces a highly repeatable lamination component.

High-Speed Wire Winding Machines

Our servo-controlled high-speed winding equipment is designed to dynamically maintain the level of tension required for each unique stator pole shape. Superior winding control is essential in maintaining insulation integrity and product reliability.

Terminal Insertion & Testing Machines

Final stator manufacturing stations are comprised of automatic terminal insertion and testing. On-line testing guarantees the electrical quality and integrity of every stator produced. We can also incorporate magnetism testing of each rotor.

Measurement, Marking & Traceability Machines

Quality measurements are performed at line speed to capture physical run out for motor balance and dimensional accuracy. Unique product and process information is recorded on each component. Data is also recorded and can be passed to your factory information system or an Industrial IoT (IIoT) software solution, such as COSMOline, for analysis. Learn more about IIoT software, COSMOline, here.  

Rotor Banding & Magnet Insertion Machines

Permanent magnets are picked and arrayed around a rotor fixture plate. A narrow steel strip is wound around the magnets and fixture to form the rotor band. Subsequently, components are over-moulded and the fixture recycled. 

Rotor & Stator Moulding Cells

Injection moulding machines and six-axis robots are integrated to pick and place either rotor or stator components prior to over-moulding. The robot then unloads and desprues the over-moulded components.


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