Cobots for medical manufacture

Cobots for precise medical device manufacture for products you can trust.

A collaborative robot, or cobot, works closely with human operators in a manufacturing facility. It acts as a second pair of hands and eyes in your factory. The integration of cobots can significantly improve efficiency, accuracy and ensure that stringent international standards are met. The automation of your manufacturing processes also ensures standardisation and minimises the potential for human error.

As a Universal Robots distributor, Facteon is closely aligned with an industry leader that works to integrate cobots into manufacturing facilities across the globe.

Applying cobots for accurate medical manufacture


Due to the flexible nature of cobots, many manufacturers benefit from utilising this technology in the assembly of intricate aspects of a medical device. Unlike a human operator, cobots don't experience fatigue or repetitive strain injuries. Deploying cobots in your facility has the potential to decrease cycle time and waste while increasing product yield. The standardisation offered by cobots is central to consistently achieving faster cycle times. Cobots consistently complete tasks at speed with minimal deviation. The set-up and programming of a cobot is also simple. You can also reprogram your cobot in-house if your production needs change. This is often beneficial for manufacturers producing a range of products on a single production line. Automation makes flexible manufacturing a reality for many manufacturers. Cobots make this reality accessible and affordable. For manufacturers operating multiple production lines, a cobot is easily relocated within your facility if your human operators require additional assistance to meet production deadlines.

Quality Inspection

Cobots are a powerful member of a quality control team in a medical device manufacturing facility. Many manufacturers equip their cobots with machine vision systems allowing the cobot to 'see' minor product defects that may be missed by the human eye. A 3D product measurement can detect a range of product defects faster and more accurately than a human operator. In detecting faulty product or components before packing, a manufacturer can mitigate the likelihood of mass product recalls and potentially endangering patient safety. Cobots can also access hard-to-reach areas of a product, ensuring that every critical-to-quality product feature is thoroughly assessed before it's released from your facility.

Machine Tending

Cobots ensure the accurate loading and unloading of tools utilised in the manufacture process. A cobot ensures the right tool is in place every time. By deploying cobots to complete the tedious task of machine tending, your human operators are available to complete and supervise more complex, business-critical aspects of manufacture.


Due to labour shortages, many manufacturers benefit from utilising cobots to perform repetitive, business-critical tasks. Secure packaging of your medical device is essential to ensuring it's fit-for-purpose and sterile when it reaches the end-user. If you're producing product with complex packaging requirements, you may choose to utilise a cobot to partially complete the task with the assistance of a human operator. A cobot can also be pre-programmed to package multiple product types. Manufacturers are also able to move the cobot to different locations within the facility to complete a range of packaging tasks.


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