Refrigeration foaming equipment

Industrial machinery for foam lines, vacuum moulds & foam core manufacturing.

Facteon specialises in model changing systems and minimum batch size capability for foam lines, vacuum moulds and foam cores in refrigeration and freezer manufacture. We also develop custom foam lane concepts and equipment, such as liner pierce and trim systems, for refrigeration products.

Refrigeration foaming machinery systems

Foam Line Systems

We offer cabinet foam line equipment incorporating rapid model change features, high efficiency cooling and heating, as well as efficient mould change. We supply a range of door foam systems to suit your manufacturing requirements, including a three-sided foam triangle machine. This machine allows for model mixing and quality features, such as parallel clamping.

Foam Core Machines

We produce cost-effective foam cores for cases and doors made from cast or composite materials. We leverage the common geometry between the vacuum moulds and foam cores as a Facteon-specific design and manufacturing advantage.

Vacuum Mould Machinery

To complement the process of manufacturing foam lines, we specialise in producing high quality vacuum moulds for integration with leading brand vacuum forming equipment.


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