Toxing & clinching

Clinching machines for manufacturers needing the highest quality control & high throughput.

Facteon's toxing and clinching machinery solutions are fast, robust and effective. Utilising robotics, vision systems and Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions, our machinery supports fast, effective lines with high throughput for maximum utilisation with minimum defects.

Toxing & clinching machinery

Automated Toxing & Clinching Machines

In comparison to manual toxing and clinching systems, our automated machinery is highly accurate and effective. It operates at high speed so you don't need to compromise cycle time for product quality. Depending on the level of flexibility required, we can offer either a robot, or a fixed head toxing and clinching mechanism. Robotics are well-suited to flexible production lines to perform toxing and clinching functions for multiple models or products. Such toxing and clinching systems negate the need for human operators to process potentially dangerous components or complete such tasks.

Automated Picking, Placing & Folding Robots

Utilising robotics for the pick and place of parts ensures the perfect alignment of each component. This prevents unnecessary delays caused my human error. Robotics is also a flexible solution that allows for the handling of multiple parts for a variety of different products. Machine vision systems can also be integrated with robotics allowing for intelligent object or part recognition and differentiation.

Full Product Measurement & Tracking Machine Vision Systems

Have confidence in every product that leaves your facility with full product measurements and tracking. A final quality control (QC) check of the full product before it leaves your facility ensures that any defects are identified. Our full product measuring systems can check the overall product dimensions or specific points that affect product strength or the cosmetic finish.

Facteon utilises machine vision systems to perform these product checks as this allows for the flexibility to assess a wide range of products. Machine vision systems provide significant time savings as the product is automatically scanned on the production line. As the efficiency of the product scanning process is improved, it's viable to perform a final check on every product. We can also integrate vision systems to scan and track each product produced. Such tracking systems may utilise laser marking or barcodes in conjunction with machine vision to ensure every product has a unique identifier code when it enters the market.

Automated Measuring & QC

Facteon's automated measuring and QC systems allow you to measure products at line speed. You're also able to vary the number of quality points measured based on your requirements. As the QC process is automated, data is accurately recorded in your IT system at the moment of capture. This removes the risk of inaccurate data entry skewing your reports.

The process of interpreting the quality data is also simplified. Facteon's IIoT software product, COSMOline, collects data from your production line and presents this information for decision making. Using the quality functionality, you can identify downward quality trends. The software also offers maintenance functionality, so you can schedule preventative maintenance to correct these trends before product quality and total yield is compromised. Learn more about IIoT software, COSMOline, here. 


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