Appliance drum equipment

Industrial machinery for manufacturing high-quality appliance drums, every time.

Facteon drum-line solutions power some of the world’s leading appliance brands and their premium products. Today, there are more than 14 million laundry products produced annually with Facteon's laser welding solutions by various manufacturers across North America, Europe and Asia. 

Our durable, precision machinery means you can rely on creating drums which are balanced, of high quality construction and superior cosmetic appearance, every time. These high levels of consistency ensures you can trust every product you send to market. Facteon's laser welding systems are world-class, ensuring a strong and balanced washing machine drum is produced. Our washing machine drum manufacturing systems also utilise high levels of automation and robotics. In combination with flexible tool change systems, this allows for flexibility in the manufacturing process allowing you to adapt your operations on short notice for maximum line utilisation.

Drum line machinery systems

Decoiling & Feeding Machines

We provide a full range of decoilers and feeders to suit your manufacturing needs. Driven single or double head variations are available with either coil, car loading or crane loading options. Straighteners remove the coil set while servo-feeders provide accurate, incremental material feeding. Paper winders are also available to collect interleaved material from stainless sheets.

Cut-to-length & Hole Piercing Machines

A variety of press and tooling configurations are bundled with servo-feeding systems to provide accurate and repeatable product blanks. Drain holes or shallow features can be pressed and the individual blanks separated accurately. We provide a variety of tool change systems ranging from power-assisted to fully automatic.

End Forming Machines

Specialised folding and bending methods accurately form flanges in preparation for the lock seaming process. It's essential that these flanges are precise in shape and size to ensure correct product dimensions and sufficient strength. 

Roll-up & Lock Seaming Machines

Facteon provides a variety of roll-up and lock seam options, including a unique machine design capable of model changing automatically for varying diameters and heights. End forms are accurately joined and the lock seam is formed by hydraulic actuation. Often, a staking process is also included.

Roll-up & Weld Machines

We provide a variety of roll-up and precision welding systems including TIG, plasma and laser welding. We integrate environment and weld monitoring to ensure quality, integrity and repeatability. Our systems offer interlocked, code compliant machinery ensuring your team's safety.

Drum Expanding & Forming Machines

To ensure accuracy, we utilise hydraulic expansion shoes to uniformly create required drum features. This stiffens the drum structure, while also optimising product capacity in relation to material cost. The system allows for quick model change for style and size. We also utilise self-polishing materials to prevent ferritic transfer to the drum.

Flange & Groove Forming Machines

A number of techniques offer the capability to roll form a variety of grooves and flanges. These methods are both accurate and repeatable without causing material hardening, and subsequent splitting. These techniques have applications in manufacturing both welded and lock seam drums.

Pattern Forming & Piercing Machines

A servo-driven indexing ring enables variable, yet accurate positioning of the drum. The servo-control hydraulics offer responsive, force-controlled forming and piercing. The tooling system is quick change which minimises downtime for model change. Robotic vision systems are utilised to check and redatum drum features and alignment prior to forming.

Roll Forming & Seaming Systems

We provide an accurate, unique and controlled rotary roll forming system that creates permanent, seamed union joining drum components. This system is superior when compared to traditional roll curling methods as material control, flow, seam integrity, strength, product accuracy and repeatability are all optimised.

Automated Component Assembly Systems

A range of pre-manufactured component loading systems are available from manual pre-load through to robotic vision system part picking. Fastening can be completed with automatically loaded screw guns or clinching systems.

Measure & Inspection Systems

All critical-to-quality product features are measured using Industrial IoT (IIoT) sensors before each product leaves your manufacturing line. Product samples can range from occasional to 100% with the information being uploaded to a database. Processed quality results are recorded and displayed via an IIoT software tool, such as COSMOline, providing your team with greater visibility. This allows you to optimise your manufacturing operations. Learn more about IIoT software, COSMOline, here. 

Automated Testing & Quality Control Systems

Automatic diagnostic machines can be customised to meet your needs. Our systems are also able to simulate failure modes and verify strength criteria to validate functional product design. All of a manufacturer's machinery data is captured and presented in our IIoT software tool, COSMOline. It allows for optimisation of your manufacturing operations to reduce wastage and increase product yield. Learn more about IIoT software, COSMOline, here.


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