Maintenance & asset management

Exceptional maintenance & management for your smart manufacturing systems.

Effective asset management is central to minimising downtime, repair costs and disruption to operations. To ensure the longevity of Facteon's manufacturing systems, we provide comprehensive and practical support from understanding the basics of operating your new production line to optimising your machinery's operations. We aim to establish long-term relationships with our customers and provide assistance at any stage.

At the time of install, our commissioning team provide technical support to ensure your team fully understands how to operate your new production line. We know that adjusting to new machinery can be daunting. For that reason, we offer on-site support. We also assist in sourcing local suppliers as the production of high-end products is only possible with the best materials. The Facteon team is committed to understanding the needs of our customers from the initial machinery design process through to post-installation service requirements. With service-level agreements in place, we know exactly what you need and expect from us.

Maintenance & asset management services

Effective Training

We aim to simplify the process of introducing new equipment to your factory. We tailor our training and support offerings to specifically meet your production requirements and the needs of your team. We offer on-site technical support, as well as aiding you in the process of identifying and training local suppliers of proprietary components.

Service-Level Agreements

With a focus on consistently providing a high level of service to our customers, Facteon utilises service-level agreements to remove ambiguity and ensure we fully understand and deliver on your service requirements.

Upgrades to Existing Equipment

The option of retrofitting existing production equipment serves as a cost-effective option to bring existing machinery into the Internet Age. This enables greater value to be realised from initial capital investments, while achieving improved visibility of machine operations.

Factory Optimisation

COSMOline, an Industrial IoT (IIoT) software solution, is a cloud-based factory optimisation tool that's accessible on all devices. It provides manufacturers with production information anywhere, any time. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, implementation is quick and simple. Legacy systems commonly adapt to comply with modern Industry 4.0 standards. By contrast, these standards underpin every stage of COSMOline’s development. This results in a scalable, modular and accessible IIoT product for manufacturers of all sizes. Learn more about IIoT software, COSMOline, here. 


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