Automated quality control & inspection

Guarantee product quality with automated quality control.

In the age of smart manufacturing, manufacturers look to gain higher product yield, reduce scrap rates and improve the accuracy of quality control processes. As a result, there's a trend towards automated quality control and inspection. Such automated systems allow for the quick identification and removal of faulty product from the production line before it's processed further, prompting the operator to take corrective action. It also enables the monitoring of production trends. A common use is if a tool is trending out of specification, your quality control team can intervene and arrange preventative maintenance. This decreases scrap rate as your team catches issues before the product moves out of specification and creates waste.

Automated quality control solutions

Quality Measurements at Line Speed

Facteon's online measuring systems are integrated into the production line to take quality measurements at line speed. Your line can continue to produce components at optimal cycle time, without compromising total product yield and the quality of individual components. Depending on your quality requirements, you can perform a full product measure or simply measure select points. Quality data is collected and stored automatically. This negates the possibility of incorrect data entry. It also allows your quality control (QC) team to focus on production line optimisation, rather than manual data entry.

Machine Vision for Manufacturing Quality Control

Facteon utilises machine vision systems to help manufacturers capture large volumes of relevant quality data. The manual recording of data can lead to errors. These errors are often compounded by a delay between data collection and data entry. QC systems that utilise machine vision are also able to identify patterns not otherwise seen when drawing from a much larger data set. If a tool is trending out of specification, your QC team can identify that the tool is at risk of failure. The QC team can then take corrective measures, such as scheduling maintenance.

Robotic Quality Control

Robotic quality control machinery is suited to manufacturers utilising flexible manufacturing systems. Robotic QC systems can be programmed to take specific quality measurements dependent on the product. Such systems are flexible, so they're able to take a variety of product measurements at speed and adjust to product model changes. You also have the flexibility to vary the speed of the QC check by increasing or decreasing the number of data points per product. Facteon robotic QC systems combine the latest technologies, such as machine vision and laser measurement, to improve the accuracy of data collection. This allows your QC team to focus its efforts on optimising your production line.

Digitising Data Collection For Industry 4.0

The automation and digitisation of data collection is the foundation of any smart manufacturing facility. Facteon's Industrial IoT (IIoT) product, COSMOline, draws data direct from your machinery and compiles it into easy-to-understand reports. Based on Industry 4.0 standards, COSMOline enables effective management of core manufacturing operations. From machinery maintenance to product quality analysis, COSMOline is your digital QC team member. The IIoT tool gives your team the information it needs to make informed decisions. As information is relayed in real-time, your QC team can immediately identify and rectify downwards trends before product yield is impacted. Learn more about IIoT software, COSMOline, here. 


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