Appliance door & panel equipment

Industrial machinery for premium door & panel line manufacturing.

Drawing on decades of experience working with stainless and pre-painted steel, Facteon offers product-specific solutions which provide high-quality panel faces for your manufactured products. These systems are flexible and integrate easily with a range of production technologies, handling material supplied from either rolls or blanks. Facteon's production systems are able to process pre-painted, CRS and stainless steel material while preserving the cosmetic quality of the material.

Our manufacturing production systems are also designed for optimal speed. Facteon has extensive experience in the area of metal forming. Our solutions focus on delivering a consistent and quality finish as efficiently as possible. Facteon has extensive experience working closely with manufacturers to improve their operations. We are focused on delivering flexible systems that will serve our customers well into the future. Through combining flexible tool change technology and sophisticated control systems, Facteon production lines can be adapted to produce a greater range of products. The model change process is automatic so minimises the need for human intervention or disruption to operations.

Door & panel lines machinery

Notching Machines

Our solutions bundle custom notcher units with servo-driven launcher transfers into a flexible machine module capable of automatic size changes for various product dimensions. The system allows for on-demand, selectable punch configuration and quick change tools. It can also utilise automatic tool recognition to optimise this change.

Folding & Bending Machines

Specialised metal folding and bending methods ensure critical product features and cosmetic faces remain undamaged during manufacture. Our highly accurate processes also ensure products are produced to the correct geometry and quality level. Facteon offers a variety of methods including servo-controlled and self-adjusting folding angles, as well as stretch forming. We also specialise in automatic model size and radius change systems.

Corner Flanging Machines

The unique Facteon flanging system resolves common pain points regarding geometry and quality of corners. This system allows for the creation of balled corners from a pre-painted or stainless steel sheet without bulging. The flexibility of a shape and style quick change system is maintained while also allowing for automatic model changes based on width and height. Of additional benefit is the ability to process varying material finish types and thicknesses while utilising a single set up.

Hatch Piercing & Forming Machines

Our systems offer integrated hatch piercing and flange forming technologies for efficient model change. This allows for the manufacture of products with a range of features and of various sizes. Preparation for the next model run can take place in advance to minimise changeover time.

Assembly & Clinching Machines

We have various options designed to suit your component assembly sequence, products and production line. These range from manual component loading and semi-automatic assembly to on-line component production combined with automatic assembly stations. The clinching methods are typically proprietary, self-riveting systems or a flange seam lock. Panels can be manually or automatically loaded onto fixtures and fastened.

Loading & Transfer Machines

We offer a range of loading systems from manual pre-load to vision-assisted part selection and automatic load. All transfer systems are optimised for accuracy, delicacy and cycle time.


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