Custom machining

Custom machining for complex or bespoke components.

Facteon's in-house Machine Shop caters to customers across the globe. Specialising in delivering complex, bespoke components on a short deadline, Facteon's Machine Shop is equipped to take on any hard-to-place job. Our Machine Shop has expertise across the full spectrum of design and machining. The team design with SOLIDWORKS and program with SolidCAM for accurate manufacture. We can also engage in a Design for Manufacture capacity to provide clarity around the viability of your product design. With a focus on upskilling tradespeople of all levels, the Facteon team has the skills to complete any job to the highest standard. 

Custom machining services

Manual Machining

Facteon's five axis manual mills are a rarity in New Zealand. Due to the variable set up options, our tradespeople typically utilise such machines for one-off, multi-featured components. To produce components of smaller scale, we utilise knee type manual mills and manual lathes. Select tradespeople are trained to operate each of these dynamic machines to ensure a quality deliverable.

CNC Machining

Facteon's use of SolidCAM programming provides precision in the manufacture of one-off components and small batch work. As custom component specialists, Facteon invests in maintaining both our small and large-scale CNC machines to ensure that product quality isn't compromised. Our CNC machines are suited to rapid production of a range of smaller components.

Large Format Machining

Offering a machining window of 2.5 metres by 5 metres or more, the Machine Shop hosts some of the largest manual mills in New Zealand. Such powerful machinery requires a skilled operator. Every Facteon tradesperson is fully qualified to ensure only quality components exit our facility.


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