Customer Stories: High Quality Components for Medical Device Designers & Makers

Creating life shaping medical products ensuring better patient outcomes

Aroa Biosurgery designs and manufactures medical products which enable surgeons and clinicians to repair serious tissue injuries that significantly improve clinical outcomes. Their expertise lies in medical devices for soft tissue reinforcement and cellular scaffolding.

Bringing a new product to market, Aroa has worked with Facteon to produce components that play an essential role in the product’s manufacture process.


Working with Facteon

Elliot Thompson-Bean, Aroa’s Senior Product Development Engineer, describes the process of working with Facteon as collaborative. He says:


“Facteon go above and beyond to ensure that our parts are machined to the highest standard. Early in the project, we worked together in a design for manufacture capacity. Facteon was able to provide advice to improve our component designs for accurate and efficient manufacture to help create repeatable and reliable parts”.

Facteon engages early at the design stage to ensure a high-quality component for our customers. With machining skills transferable across industries, we often work with customers to align their product designs with the manufacturing possibilities.


Faster & Better

Facteon ensures the quality of all components by handling every project from start to finish. The combination of world-class machinery and qualified tradesmen means that Facteon handles every stage of your project without outsourcing. This improves both the speed of delivery and the quality of the final product, eliminating rework and ensuring our customers get their products to market on schedule.

An ability to machine one-off components on a short deadline allows Facteon to handle R&D projects with ease. Aroa’s headquarters hosts a workshop equipped with benchtop machines. However, when large scale production is required, the project is outsourced to Facteon.


“The Facteon team worked conscientiously to manage the process. The open-door policy is great. My team and I visited Facteon’s workshop to see our design coming to life. It was also good to meet the machinists and engineers working on our parts”.

Elliot Thompson-Bean, Senior Product Development Engineer – Aroa Biosurgery.


Quality Components that Meet your Standards

Facteon’s experience in manufacturing as well as our integrated capabilities make us the perfect producer of high-quality components for industries with rigorous standards. Our service not only includes some of the best machining capability available to the market but the experienced team of experts is able to turn your product designs into reality, maintain quality and lower your costs of manufacture.


About Aroa Biosurgery:

Focused on delivering high quality products that contribute to better healing, Aroa (Maori for ‘understanding’) is at the forefront of understanding how biology, structural form and human factors effect healing and applying this knowledge to unlock the body’s intrinsic power to heal. Aroa believes its products should be widely accessible, affordable and help clinicians and healthcare professionals change the standard of care for many patients. Aroa also partners with leaders in the medical technology space to expand its product range and enable superior patient care across the globe.


About Facteon:

A global designer, builder and innovator of world-class factory solutions. As a long established and widely respected organisation, we operate on the forward edge of intelligent manufacturing, robotics, data science, machine learning technology and software solutions. We also operate a well-equipped Machine Shop that specialises in bespoke component manufacture. With some of the largest mills in New Zealand through to the smallest lathes, Facteon’s Machine Shop can take on any challenge. The Machine Shop produces quality components for both internal and external customers.