Robotiq & Facteon: A New Addition to our Cobot Product Portfolio

Focused on simplifying collaborative robot (cobot) solutions, Robotiq is bringing robotics to manufacturers of all sizes. Facteon has recently signed a partnership agreement with Robotiq allowing Facteon to bring its range of cobot end effectors (the end of the robotic arm that interacts with the production environment) to manufacturers across Australia and New Zealand.  

In late 2019, Facteon signed a partnership agreement with Universal Robots, the undisputed leader in the cobot space. This additional partnership with Robotiq cements Facteon’s position as an end-to-end solutions provider offering a range of products.  

Speaking of the partnership, General Manager – Facteon Group, John Cochrane, says:  

“There are many suppliers globally offering a range of end effectors. Robotiq was a standout. It’s an organisation powered by a commitment to making robotics accessible to manufacturers of all sizes”.  

Robotiq’s end effectors free the human hand from mundane, repetitive and potentially dangerous work. Possible applications include finishing, assembly, machine tending, pick and place, quality testing and palletising. Robotiq end effectors can be seamlessly combined with vision systems for more advanced applications.  

With COVID-19 simultaneously highlighting the constraints of human labour and limiting our ability to physically implement new technologies in factories, Robotiq’s plug and play technologies are designed for ease of use and simple integration. Your Robotiq end effector arrives with everything you need to programme your new tool – step-by-step instructions included.  

The ease of implementation of a Robotiq end effector means a single Universal Robots cobot can be re-deployed across your facility to perform a variety of tasks. For example, with the change of an end effector, an assembly cobot could be redeployed to perform pick and place tasks. This flexibility is well-suited to seasonal manufacturers seeking to maximise ROI. It also empowers manufacturers wanting to experiment with differing applications of robotics throughout their facility.  

John says: “Industry leaders, such as Robotiq and Universal Robots, are championing the re-brand of robotics as a technology suited to and tangible for manufacturers of all sizes. Facteon is proud to bring manufacturers across Australasia a cost-effective and simple-to-implement cobot option”.

View Robotiq's range of cobot grippers and end effectors here.

About Facteon

Facteon is an international manufacturing technology business that designs, builds and innovates world-class production equipment. Established in New Zealand in 1981 as the internal engineering division of Fisher & Paykel, Facteon is now part of a global group of companies which includes Haier, GE Appliances, Candy-Hoover and Fisher & Paykel. 

Operating across Australasia, China, Europe and North America, Facteon has expanded to equip global factories with smart manufacturing, robotics, data science, machine learning technology and Industrial IoT solutions. Facteon aspires to cultivate a smart manufacturing ecosystem in which machinery and IIoT offerings interact seamlessly.