Facteon & Dalton Electrical Partner to Deliver World-Class Connected Maintenance for Manufacturers

Facteon, a global specialist in smart manufacturing and automation, and Dalton Electrical, one of New Zealand’s leading industrial automation and electrical service providers, are pleased to announce their partnership to bring New Zealand manufacturers world-class factory maintenance services underpinned by Industrial IoT (IIoT) technologies.

Facteon Group General Manager, John Cochrane, speaks highly of Dalton Electrical: “Facteon has an extended history of working alongside the Dalton Electrical team in the build and commissioning of large-scale production lines for our customers. As both a customer and a partner of Dalton Electrical, I am certain of the team’s ability to get the job done”. 

As many manufacturers recognise IIoT and Industry 4.0 technologies as the foundation of future factory success, Facteon and Dalton Electrical have identified an opportunity to drive manufacturing excellence by combining a powerful IIoT technology suite with a depth of electrical services and automation experience on the factory floor.

“We are seeing an increasing number of manufacturers readily adopting IIoT technologies to produce better quality products more efficiently. The purpose of this partnership is to better support those manufacturers by developing effective factory servicing into a source of competitive advantage”, says John.

Across multiple industries, Facteon has seen a strong uptake in condition-based maintenance monitoring and scheduling. Whereas condition-based maintenance has been in practice for decades, more manufacturing leaders today are relying on real time machine data made available via embedded technologies rather than existing surveillance systems. Real time data provides a far more effective way to deploy maintenance services, as both unplanned downtime and non-required maintenance are avoided.

Bruce Dalton, Managing Director of Dalton Electrical, says: “When clients build relationships with a manufacturing service provider, it allows for the development of a partnership focused on business excellence. The process becomes much more collaborative, with the provider and client working together to drive incremental improvement across multiple facilities. The deployment of IIoT software solutions provide data-driven insights into your machinery’s performance. This is absolutely key to identify areas of focus and opportunities for improvement”.

The opportunity to advance the relationship with a maintenance services provider beyond purely transactional is powerful. It fosters a mutual understanding of how a manufacturer’s operations drive business success. The focus on factory performance at a product or batch level allows maintenance to evolve from a routine task to a source of competitive advantage.

John says: “The value of the Facteon and Dalton Electrical partnership lies in manufacturers being able to produce and send their product to market with the knowledge that it is safe and of the best quality. By partnering with two manufacturing experts, you are able to focus on what you do best: manufacturing products your customers can depend on and trust”.

Facteon and Dalton Electrical have joined forces to combine learnings from global manufacturers with a depth of local experience and knowledge to drive the success of New Zealand’s thriving manufacturing industry.

About Facteon

Facteon is an international manufacturing technology business that designs, builds and innovates world-class production equipment. Established in New Zealand in 1981 as the internal engineering division of Fisher & Paykel, Facteon is now part of a global group of companies which includes Haier, GE Appliances, Candy-Hoover and Fisher & Paykel.

Operating across Australasia, China, Europe and North America, Facteon has expanded to equip global factories with smart manufacturing, robotics, data science, machine learning technology and Industrial IoT solutions. Facteon aspires to cultivate a smart manufacturing ecosystem in which machinery and IIoT offerings interact seamlessly. 

About Dalton Electrical

Dalton Electrical is an electrical contracting, electrical engineering and industrial automation company servicing Auckland’s industrial area. We provide a full range of electrical design, electronics, installation, repair and maintenance services. Our modern fleet of vehicles and multiple branches across Auckland enables us to bring these services to you when you need them so that we can minimise the disruption to your business. These design, build and maintenance services, together with our engineering team’s automation abilities allow us to provide full turn-key electrical and system integration, making Dalton Electrical a one-stop-shop for all of your electrical and automation needs.

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