Universal Robots & Facteon: A Partnership Between Innovators

Facteon is pleased to announce our partnership with Universal Robots, the undisputed market leader in the cobot space.

Driven by a commitment to delivering the world’s best technology to manufacturers, Facteon is excited to have expanded our product suite to include industry-leading cobots.

Collaborative robots, known as cobots, are an innovative robotics technology that works safely alongside human operators to perform a variety of manufacturing tasks.

As an international factory solutions specialist, Facteon is excited to now offer a growing range of lightweight, flexible robots to manufacturers.

Facteon’s Group General Manager, Dave Body, speaks of the partnership, saying:

“Both Australia and New Zealand have previously been underserved markets in the cobot space. As a Universal Robots partner, Facteon is well equipped to fill this void”.

Many traditional robots have been designed for integration by engineers and robotics professionals. This is often a major barrier to adopting Industry 4.0 technologies with the potential to significantly improve operational performance.

Universal Robots has reinvented industrial robotics by designing simple-to-program and easy-to-install robots with fast payback periods. Cobots have applications across appliance, medical and pharmaceutical, automotive, as well as food and beverage manufacture.

Acting as a second pair of hands and eyes in your factory, these robots are highly flexible, reliable and safe. Cobots can be quickly reprogrammed in-house to perform a range of production tasks.

Unlike traditional robots that often replace human operators, cobots enhance the work of their human colleagues by completing mundane, repetitive and dangerous tasks with accuracy and at speed.

Cobot applications include; assembly, pick and place, packaging and palletising, quality inspection, machine tending, and screw driving and fastening.

Since its establishment in 2005, Universal Robots has sold more than 37,000 collaborative robots which are used in several thousand production environments every day around the world.

Facteon sees a significant opportunity to improve the operations of manufacturers of all sizes through the integration of cobots.

Dave Body says: “Facteon is now able to deliver this revolutionary technology to manufacturers of all sizes. A significant advantage of cobots is their ability to operate alongside humans safely. This makes cobots a logical first step in automating your facility ”.

The combination of Universal Robots’ robust yet flexible technologies and Facteon’s unrivaled depth of production line design, build and optimisation experience delivers great value to manufacturers integrating cobots in their facilities.

Dave Body continues: “The success of your cobot implementation rests on selecting a Universal Robots partner with high levels of vertical integration. Your new cobot must add value to your operations from day one. Select a partner with manufacturing roots and an ability to optimise your operations at scale”.


Your Industry 4.0 journey starts here.

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