GM Blog: John Cochrane Reveals Facteon’s Outlook & Plans for 2022

As a trusted integrator for your future factory, our focus in 2022 is towards expansion, elevated performance and continuing to build durable long-term relationships with our customers and partners.

Our priority is to provide our customers end-to-end commercially valuable data management and automation systems which drive smart and profitable business decisions. No business problem is too big, too small or too complex for us.

As mentioned in my December reflection blog, we’re focused on becoming increasingly antifragile as we continue to equip ourselves for unforeseen circumstance in 2022.

Strategic Partnerships with Global Partners

We’ve learnt from the past 12 months that COVID doesn’t have to prevent us from successfully installing and commissioning production lines and cells for our customers. To futureproof our business operations, we’ve enhanced our delivery model by establishing strategic partnerships with global experts to support us in the installation and commissioning of our projects worldwide.

We’ve carefully selected these local service providers who are aligned with us and our customers business values, quality and flexibility.

Our customers enjoy the benefits and support they receive as a result of our strategic partnerships with local partners.

Senior Leadership Enhancements

At Facteon, our senior leaders have a wealth of knowledge and talent that makes up a very cohesive team who share singular aspirations for the business at large. My goal this year is to enhance and utilise the senior leadership team here to establish flawless consistency in our customer experience.

My team have aligned goals when it comes to delivering a much higher quality customer experience from start to finish without interruption. We’re committed to providing a very seamless, smooth and consistently high quality customer experience which sets us apart from other factory automation solution providers.

Expanding our team in USA

This year we will employ several people on the ground in north America to readily provide support and expertise for our customers located there. Given the number of customers we currently have in North America and new customers in the pipeline, we will be well equipped to have the bandwidth to respond promptly and serve our customers at the highest level possible.  


Our customers and our business partners are at the heart of everything we do.

We’re encouraged by what our customers in North America are telling us when it comes to the commitment made to creating new jobs, developing new plants and installing manufacturing equipment. We applaud and congratulate those businesses for their forward thinking and commitment to manufacturing excellence in North America.

Creating innovative, flexible, industry leading solutions along with the highest quality customer experience is our priority this year.

We’re excited to continue shipping our advanced and innovative manufacturing solutions all over the world and look forward to continued success, growth & innovation in 2022.

John Cochrane

John Cochrane

General Manager - Facteon Group

John began his career as a Chemical Engineer. He has since worked across the globe, holding over 20 years’ experience in senior management. Having lived and worked in China for several years, John speaks conversational Mandarin and he has a keen interest in Chinese culture. Part of John's time in China was spent working with NZTE in a government role as Trade Commissioner. John also has a depth of experience in the area of predictive maintenance having helped manufacturers to optimise their operations through improving overall equipment effectiveness. John leads the Facteon Group in delivering the latest automation, Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions to factories across the globe.


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