GM Blog: 2023 Market Trends & Thought-Leadership by John Cochrane

Last year we successfully branched out of the home appliance industry & home appliance processing by acquiring new customers and new applications. Since the borders opened and we’ve had greater face-to-face conversations with our customers, we’ve been able to gain insights and exposure to emerging technologies and other applications which has equipped us to serve other industries and expand the scale of projects we take on.

Automation isn’t just for complete production lines anymore. We’re now getting more involved in single cell or single operation solutions and problem solving where it could be 2-3 cells or even single cells delivered.

John Cochrane

John Cochrane

General Manager - Facteon Group

John began his career as a Chemical Engineer. He has since worked across the globe, holding over 20 years’ experience in senior management. Having lived and worked in China for several years, John speaks conversational Mandarin and he has a keen interest in Chinese culture. Part of John's time in China was spent working with NZTE in a government role as Trade Commissioner. John also has a depth of experience in the area of predictive maintenance having helped manufacturers to optimise their operations through improving overall equipment effectiveness. John leads the Facteon Group in delivering the latest automation, Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions to factories across the globe.


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