Watch: Robotic Welding Solution in Early Stages of Commissioning

To meet the customer’s cycle time requirements, Facteon elected to deploy two synchronised MIG welding robots to partially assemble a commercial washing machine drum. This single cell welds multiple points, including the shaft to rear cover and to the diaphragm top. Constrained to a tight space, these two robots work in unison to deliver a robust weld our customer can trust to perform in market. Facteon and the customer selected a robotic welding solution to deliver unmatched flexibility and adaptability which will allows for the processing of numerous products on a single production line.

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Ken Jakeman

Ken Jakeman

Head of Technology (Advanced Engineering)

As Facteon’s Head of Tecnology (Advanced Engineering), Ken brings an unrivalled depth of technical expertise and commercial acumen. Championing the culture of innovation within Facteon, Ken leads our R&D function while collaborating with our engineering, machinery assembly and digital manufacturing teams. Having held a variety of leadership and mechanical engineering roles internationally, Ken’s wealth of knowledge informs Facteon’s product roadmap and strategic direction. He holds a NZCE and Bachelor of Engineering, First Class, from University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Ken is also IntPE and CPEng registered.