Facteon China's GM Unveils the Capabilities of our New Facility

Facteon China’s rapidly growing team has recently moved into a new facility in Qingdao, Shandong, China. The team and our business had quite literally outgrown its previous Qingdao location. So, we made the move to a state-of-the-art facility. Prior to moving into our new location, Facteon China served as a regional support office for China-based customers operating Facteon production lines.

The aim of this move is to enable our team to deliver improved in-market support along with specialised services, such as the design and build of automated machinery, rapid production downtime support and custom component machining. The team is also now resourced to service non-Facteon production lines. This offers a distinct competitive advantage as geographical proximity to the customer is vital in keeping machinery at peak performance.

Facteon China’s relocation is the first step in developing our business capabilities and offerings. Our goal is to operate Facteon China as cutting-edge and local extension of Facteon Headquarters in one of our main markets.  

For decades, China has been viewed as the world’s factory. Within China, there’s a desire to focus on technology-driven fields, such as automotive, pharmaceuticals and aerospace. For that reason, Facteon China is seeking to design and build low to mid-level automated machinery for the China market. Facteon Headquarters will design and build more complex machinery for China-based customers.

Facteon prides itself on offering world-class project management. A Facteon project manager is an in-house advocate that ensures each project is delivered on time and to specification. With build, design and project management now available in-market, the customer will benefit from access to local support at every stage of the design and build process. The potential for delays caused by language, cultural and geographical barriers are also negated.

In addition to our machine design and build offering, we’ll be providing rapid production downtime support and repairs. Facteon China’s team of 35 trained service engineers will provide factory support in locations, such as Qingdao, Huangdao, Hefei, Chongqing and Foshan. This team is equipped to provide on-site support or complete repairs in our Workshop using specialised machinery and welding equipment.  

Many manufacturers benefit from contracting maintenance professionals as and when required. Our staff can be contracted to complete a complex, one-off maintenance task. Alternatively, we can roll up our sleeves and work with you regularly to keep your operations running at an optimal level. While we’re taking care of the maintenance, you can focus on delivering product to the market on time and to specification.   

In offering support locally, our response times are minimised and we’re better positioned to support non-Facteon machinery. Above all, we’ll be helping manufacturers to draw maximum value from their initial capital investment.

Another valuable service Facteon China offers is the custom machining of components. Sourcing a reliable component manufacturer with high quality standards is challenging in many markets. Our workshop has the capacity to produce any component a manufacturer requires. By accessing our global network of suppliers, the Facteon team can secure hard-to-find components on your behalf. If the component required is bespoke, our China-based Workshop also has the machinery and skill to produce parts of the highest standard.

Facteon China’s Areas of Expertise

PLC – servicing of all major brands

Hydraulics – fault finding, servicing, oil testing and analysis

Electrical – a full-service electrical and installation provider

Robotics – support of all major robotics brands, including repurposing and reprogramming of robots

Laser welding – cleaning, calibration and support of specialised laser welding technologies

Mechanical – a full-service offering, including the design and fabrication of parts

Design and build of automated production machinery

Effective project management to deliver on time and to specification

Rapid production downtime support and repairs

Custom machining of bespoke components.

About Facteon

An international designer, builder and innovator of world-class production equipment. As a long established and widely respected organisation, we operate on the forward edge of smart manufacturing, robotics, data science, machine learning technology and Industrial IoT solutions. We aspire to cultivate a smart manufacturing ecosystem in which machinery and software offerings interact seamlessly to maximise operational performance.