Connecting manufacturers with world-class technologies.

Facteon's teams of robotics, automation, IIoT and machinery design experts hold a depth of experience combining custom and off-the-shelf solutions to deliver a dynamic and robust factory solution that is unique to your facility. Our varied partners network allows us to source the most suitable technologies that will improve OEE, decrease costs and maximise quality of every product produced in your facility. 

Whether you're a large manufacturer seeking a custom production line or a smaller manufacturer wanting to start its Industry 4.0 journey with a robotic cell, Facteon will guide you in selecting technologies that will contribute to the achievement of your factory KPIs. 


ABB is an industry-leading technology company delivering robotics, PLC solutions and more to the modern manufacturer. Facteon's robotics specialists hold a depth of experience integrating ABB robotic technologies for a range of applications.

Universal Robots is the world's undisputed leader in the cobot space. Cobots, also known as collaborative robots, are designed to work safety alongside human operators. Unlike traditional robotics solutions, cobots are simple to integrate and deliver a fast payback.  

Robotiq, a designer and manufacturer of end effectors (the end of the robotic arm that interacts with the production environment), is bringing robotics to manufacturers of all sizes. Applications include finishing, assembly, machine tending, pick and place, quality testing and palletising. Universal Robots' cobot solutions and Robotiq end effectors pair seamlessly. 

Facteon has partnered with Estun to offer a range of industrial robot solutions to Australian and New Zealand manufacturers. Estun specialises in providing robotic welding, assembly, material handling and palletising solutions at various price points. The China-based robotics company has roots in manufacturing industrial controls and metal forming equipment.

Facteon holds an established partnership with Hyundai Heavy Industries - Jiangsu Hagong Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd. (HGZN). As a distributor and integration partner in Australia and New Zealand, Facteon brings a range of industrial robot solutions at various price points. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, HGZN formed a joint venture with Hyundai Heavy Industries to establish a robotics factory and research facility in China. 

If Fanuc is your facility's robot brand of choice, Facteon is able to integrate these world-class technologies. Our in-house robotics experts have experience selecting and integrating a robot that suits your requirements. 

Automation & Control Systems

For manufacturers seeking flexible and intuitive automation solutions, Facteon integrates Rockwell Automation's Allen-Bradley systems. Every solution offered by Allen-Bradley is designed to optimise your manufacturing processes at every stage.

From sensing and control components through to advanced automation solutions, Facteon has the experience to build, implement and maintain a sophisticated solution in your facility. Facteon has developed a strong working relationship with Omron. For that reason, we are well-placed to ensure the most appropriate solutions are integrated in your manufacturing facility, irrespective of size and budget.

With an impressive range of industrial sensors, networking and control technologies, Facteon frequently integrates ifm's reliable technologies to give our customers a competitive edge. If you're wanting to draw data from machinery of any age, the integration of sensors is a cost-effective approach to analysing the performance of your machinery with a focus on product quality and machinery availability.

Facteon frequently integrates Siemens' robust control systems for large-scale production lines. Regardless of system performance requirements and application complexity, Siemens PLCs can be applied across facilities of all sizes.

SMC's robust industrial hardware is the brand of choice for many manufacturers. Facteon has a depth of experience integrating SMC hardware, such as controllers and sensors.

SEW-EURODRIVE has a long history of manufacturing world-class electric motor systems. Its product range has expanded to include gear units, decentralised drives, control technologies and more.

Facteon has a history of deploying Schneider technologies to achieve precise and reliable machine control. From PLCs to a range of control gear, Facteon has the expertise to implement your brand of choice. 

IIoT Technologies

Facteon's automation and digital manufacturing team uses Ignition tools to develop robust, secure and flexible IIoT solutions. We offer both custom and off-the-shelf solutions that can be scaled to suit both small and large manufacturers. The benefits of software development with Ignition include: the flexibility to build a range of IIoT solutions using a single platform, the ability to apply integrated modules to build a fit-for-purpose solution and the flexibility to push updates to manufacturers instantly.

Facteon utilises a range of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Cloud storage, application servers and to connect our edge devices with Cloud infrastructure. AWS offers a wide range of products allowing our development teams to select the best tools for the job. AWS is also the provider of choice for Facteon due to the maturity of its services. As a result, both Facteon and our customers can rely on our IIoT solutions. 

Machine Vision

Facteon integrates Basler vision cameras with a range of robotic solutions with cross-industry applications. Robots perform repetitive tasks with a degree of accuracy unmatched by human operators. A robot equipped with sight can revolutionise your operations. It also decreases your facility's dependency on low-cost and repetitive human labour. 

Cognex is a world leader in the development of machine vision technologies. For that reason, Cognex is a trusted supplier to Facteon. With applications across industries for both machine vision and barcode scanning, Cognex technologies have enhanced Facteon solutions for years. 

Micro-Epsilon is a manufacturer of sensors, measurement devices and systems utilised across the automotive, medical technologies and aerospace industries. Applications of Micro-Epsilon products include: automotive manufacturers requiring an advanced test bench or production monitoring solution, and medical manufacturers demanding accuracy, repeatability and reliability of the production process to ensure products produced meet rigid standards. 

Industrial Lasers

Trumpf lasers are integrated across Facteon production lines to deliver robust laser welds every time. Trumpf lasers have applications across the appliance and automotive industries. 

Coherent is a leader in the laser space. Facteon has a depth of experience intergrating Coherent lasers to deliver durable welds every time.

IPG is a world leader in the fibre lasers space. Its laser systems have applications across the appliance and automotive facilities. Possible applications include: laser welding of a variety of metals, laser marking for product tracking and more.