Factory design & performance

Factory design & performance for the Industry 4.0 era.

Facteon holds decades of experience designing and building customised factories across the globe. With in-house expertise in automation, control systems, robotics, Industrial IoT (IIoT) and machinery design, Facteon's vertical integration is advantageous. At the design stage, our cross-functional team ensures that the latest in digital intelligence is built into your machinery from the outset. Facteon is more than an equipment provider, we have the tools to ensure the efficient operation and management of your production line.

Factory design & performance solutions

Factory Design

Offering factory simulation, layout and process design as well as technology selection and implementation, we provide fully customised solutions ranging from a single production line to large-scale projects.

Equipment Solutions & Design

Facteon provides bespoke production equipment with the advantage of configurable endpoint products. End-to-end solutions and lines provide manufacturers the ability to seamlessly utilise a single expert to design, install and integrate both machinery and IIoT solutions in your smart factory.

Factory Management & Performance

With our manufacturing roots, we understand the needs of our customers. We've developed numerous factory management and performance solutions to aid manufacturers in maximising efficiency, quality and revenue. We also offer operational advice and life cycle management, including upgrades, retrofits and refurbishing.

Advanced Manufacturing

Facteon has a long history of working with product design teams during the concept stages. We often engage with customers in a Design for Manufacture capacity. Early engagement prevents a manufacturer's product development team from making costly design mistakes. We can work with your in-house experts to align your product design with the manufacturing possibilities.

Effective Project Management

The team aims to develop and maintain strong customer relationships through assigning a dedicated project manager. Effective project management ensures your initial machine design is correctly and efficiently implemented in your factory. Our project managers have global reach so we're never far when you need us. With a dedicated contact at Facteon, you can be certain that your project will be delivered on time and to specification.

IIoT Consulting

Facteon offers a range of consulting services relating to smart manufacturing and the digital factory. With our own manufacturing roots, we understand the importance of purposefully and selectively implementing the latest technologies in your smart factory. Gaining insights into your machinery operations presents an opportunity to improve machine health, maximise efficiency and reduce downtime across your factory operations.


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