Automation & assembly solutions

Advanced automation & assembly manufacturing solutions with minimal cycle time.

In the application of automation and assembly technologies, it's key to work with an organisation that understands the importance of selectively implementing the most relevant technologies in your smart factory. Facteon integrates proven solutions with bespoke equipment to produce robust and reliable machinery. We operate on the forward edge of robotics and vision systems technologies to deliver operational performance benefits to our customers.

Automation & assembly solutions for smart manufacturing

True Tangent Folding Machines

True tangent folding is a unique Facteon system that prevents scuffing and damage during the manufacturing process. Traditional folders tend to cause movement between the material being processed and the fold bar. Damage to cosmetic surfaces of your product is avoided, even when working with larger radii items, such as refrigerator doors.

Stretch Forming Machines

Facteon stretch formers are utilised for the production of products requiring a high-quality cosmetic finish. You'll also have the flexibility for effective model change as both manual and automatic options are available.

Laser Welding Machines

Facteon is highly specialised in the area of laser welding. We focus on producing both an outstanding cosmetic finish and a strong weld. Our machines are utilised for the manufacture of products with demanding applications, such as washing machine drums. We are also able to work with a variety of ferritic stainless materials in the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Robotics

Facteon has a flexible approach to robotics integration through working with a variety of respected robotics companies. We also custom design Cartesian Facteon robots in-house for integration with our machinery. 

Corner Flanging Machines

Our unique corner flanging machinery pushes the limits of material formability. This technique enables us to produce quality corners for stainless and pre-paint materials for high-quality products. Our systems are also flexible for width and length without the need for tool changing, saving time. The machinery is also capable of processing a range of coated materials requiring a quality cosmetic finish.

Pattern Forming Machines

Our custom designed press enables the forming of patterns directly into materials. This machinery is a companion technology to laser welding and negates the common pain point of loss of pattern quality.

Seam Close Systems

Our seam close systems are a unique technology that offers superior control of the closing process to provide a high quality and consistent seam, in comparison to traditional approaches.


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