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COSMOline, the only IIoT software you need for smart manufacturing.

Facteon’s Industrial IoT (IIoT) software product, COSMOline, enables manufacturers of all sizes to easily monitor and manage core manufacturing operations. This software solution is modular in nature, covering maintenance through to efficiency and quality. COSMOline allows manufacturers to take charge of core manufacturing operations using a single IIoT solution.

The software can be integrated with existing industrial automation stacks, PLC, SCADA, MES and ERP systems. COSMOline is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, meaning manufacturers can scale usage to meet specific requirements. Avoid fixed terms contracts and the hassle of changing your plan. Instead, experience the benefits COSMOline brings to your facility month by month.

IIoT software key features

Modern IIoT Software

Facteon's IIoT software solution, COSMOline, utilises the latest Industry 4.0 technologies. This enables the system to work offline and via Cloud infrastructure. The software is also accessible on any device to provide each team member with the ultimate convenience and connectivity both on the factory floor and remotely. The system is also self-managed and it's designed to automatically scale on demand. This means that the software can scale to suit your operations.

Transparent & Cost-Effective Pricing

Manufacturers only pay for what they need and use. There is also the flexibility to scale your usage plan at any time. Another advantage of our IIoT software solutions is the ability to add additional users at no extra cost. This unique feature ensures that our IIoT solutions are a cost-effective choice for manufacturers of all sizes.

Monthly Updates with New IIoT Features

Facteon's IIoT products team works closely with customers to understand their business challenges. We work to develop dynamic solutions that cater to manufacturers across the globe. To achieve this, the Facteon team is always seeking customer feedback.

To better service our customers, updates are rolled out to all users on a monthly basis. These updates offer new features requested by and developed for manufacturers. All updates are scheduled to release outside of business hours to minimise disruption. Better yet, these updates come at no extra cost.

A Specialised SaaS Solution for Manufacturing

Facteon's SaaS product offerings include specialised solutions for equipment maintenance, production efficiency, production quality and environmental resource consumption. This allows manufacturers to monitor all core manufacturing operations with a single source of information.

COSMOline: An IIoT software solution


The Maintenance functionality of COSMOline hosts the core functionalities of CMMS software. These include recurring preventative maintenance and request for service (RFS) with spare parts management and a machine learning-driven predictive maintenance functionality.


The production quality element of COSMOline provides manufacturers with real-time monitoring and reporting of quality processes and metrics. An alerting system ensures that every product produced meets pre-established standards. These quality standards can be varied per product to provide flexibility to manufacturers producing multiple product types on a single line or in one facility.


COSMOline provides manufacturers with real-time monitoring and reporting on the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of production lines and individual machines. Data is collected and transformed into information for the purpose of decision making. Access to easy-to-understand production line statistics in real-time enables manufacturers to make informed decisions based on the state of their line, as opposed to relying on instinct or historic trends. A manufacturer can also correct downward trends before product quality is significantly impacted. This can result in cost savings, increased product yield and reduced waste.


COSMOline's environmental offering reports on the usage and cost of resources, such as power, water and trade waste, in real-time. A configurable alerting system ensures managers are notified of concerning trends. With increasing pressure on manufacturers to limit the impacts of their operations on the environment, an IIoT software solution with an environmental element can aid in tracking resource consumption. This negates unplanned expenditure and fees associated with exceeding resource consumption limits.


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