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COSMOedge: connect machinery & software for the ultimate in smart manufacturing.

As an Industrial IoT (IIoT) edge computer powered by the Facteon IIoT platform, COSMOedge connects machines and production lines with IIoT software solutions, such as COSMOline. This high-performance device allows for seamless plug-and-play integration of sensors and barcode readers. The ability to draw data from older machinery is a significant advantage to utilising an edge computer. The fitting of sensors to an existing production line allows you to continue to draw value from your initial capital investment.

A common barrier to Industry 4.0 adoption is the misconception that manufacturers must equip their factory with the latest automated solutions. The fitting of sensors avoids this entirely. Often, dated PLCs aren't adequately equipped to process large amounts of machine data. While your PLC is performing mission critical functions, COSMOedge is transmitting machinery data directly to the Cloud. You can access this data anywhere, any time. As an IIoT solutions expert, we integrate world-class edge computing units to draw data directly from machinery and production lines.

IIoT edge computer key features

Direct, Dedicated Connection to PLCs & Sensors

An IIoT edge computer enables customers to connect production lines and individual machines to a Facteon or third-party IIoT software solution. It features a direct, dedicated connection to PLCs and sensors. This ensures all data is captured, even in the event of an internet outage. As a result, offline operations are automatically synced with Cloud-based solutions and infrastructure with no loss of data. The edge solution allows Facteon to develop customised, offline capabilities to suit each manufacturer's specific business needs.

Simple Plug-and-Play Integration

Facteon's IIoT edge computer integrates seamlessly with all quality PLCs and sensors. The edge unit also enables customers to add additional sensors to their production lines and machines. This improves the performance of PLCs and allows for sensing expansion.

Integrates with your Existing Automation Stack

In some factories, it may be best to integrate an edge solution as a standalone hardware device. Facteon's IIoT edge solution can integrate with all major IIoT solutions on the market. Whether you utilise Facteon's IIoT software or a third-party system, Facteon's edge solution is a robust, secure hardware choice.


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