Precise, automatic laser welding

Be confident in every product with strong, safe & durable welds that are aesthetically pleasing.

Facteon has over thirty years’ experience of creating proprietary welding technologies. Our focus is on the development of technologies that ensure weld strength, alignment and a superior cosmetic finish. It's essential that you have confidence in every product that goes to market. Facteon has provided robust welding solutions to some of the world's largest appliance manufacturers. Facteon's welding technology can be used to process multiple grades of stainless steel. This allows for significant operational flexibility. Irrespective of industry, consistency and repeatability are essential elements in delivering a high-quality weld. By integrating Facteon's welding solutions with your production line, you can be certain of product quality and weld safety.

Laser welding technologies

Laser Welding Machines

With decades of experience developing laser welding machinery for the appliance industry, Facteon customers rely on our world-class technology to produce millions of products that they trust to perform in market. Laser welding can be used to process multiple materials, such as stainless steel, copper and carbon steel. It also delivers a smooth, cosmetically appealing weld which is essential when producing any high-end product. Most importantly, you can send product to market trusting the integrity of the weld.

Weld Monitoring Technologies

The ability to assess the quality of each product's weld, down to the micron level, is a significant competitive advantage. Facteon's quality control (QC) software product assesses the weld colour and typography. This allows your QC team to quickly identify product that does not meet your specifications. At this stage, it can be removed from the line. This prevents wastage resulting from further processing and allows you to take corrective action before additional defective products are produced. As Facteon's weld monitoring technologies assess weld quality at line speed, every welded component that's produced is checked for quality. By assessing quality at line speed, you don't have to compromise on cycle time.

Beam Shaping

Beam shaping, a recent development in fibre welding, is an area of focus for Facteon's research and development team. The technology has the potential to improve cycle time, productivity and weld quality. It can also achieve larger process windows which is critical to product quality when processing complex raw materials.

Robotic Corner Welding Machinery

Strong corner welds are central to the stability of your product. Facteon has the capability to develop corner welding machinery that delivers an extremely strong weld with a superior cosmetic finish. Your product design isn't limited by the welding possibilities. Facteon's robotic welding solutions can be customised with the flexibility to weld areas that may be difficult to access with larger welding machinery. This technology also offers significant product efficiencies compared to manual welding processes.


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