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Facteon offers a range of consulting and implementation services relating to intelligent manufacturing and the digital factory. With our own manufacturing background, we understand the importance of purposefully and selectively implementing the latest technologies in your intelligent factory. Gaining insights into your machinery operations presents an opportunity to improve machine health, maximise efficiency and reduce downtime across your factory operations. The ability to analyse data in real-time allows for timely and informed decision making. Greater integration across your digital systems allows you to operate as a lean organisation, with a seamless flow between business units.  

Consulting Services


With an increasing range of Industrial IoT solutions, your business holds an opportunity to select the most suitable equipment for each of your manufacturing processes. You'll have the freedom to integrate your SCADA, MES, ERP or WMS. With the aid of Facteon's expert Industrial IoT team, you can successfully integrate a range of systems across your intelligent factory to ensure the appropriate solution is selected for each part of your operations. 

Modern Day SCADA

We take an alternative approach to SCADA integration. The Facteon difference is represented in our creation of a future-proof, Industrial IoT-based system that ensures SCADA doesn't become a bottleneck for your machine data. Facteon is a certified integrator of Ignition by Inductive Automation. 

Retrofitting of existing equipment

The option of retrofitting existing production equipment serves as a cost effective alternative to bring your existing machinery into the internet age. We incorporate Facteon's edge units to extract raw data signals from machines of any age. This allows you to gain greater value from your initial capital investment while achieving improved visibility of your machine operations. 

Digitisation of manual systems

The digitisation of manual systems allow your operations to draw value from the latest digital technologies. Facteon has the ability to provide a variety of solutions ranging from the digitisation of paper-based systems to the automation of your entire factory. With a focus on creating fully customised solutions, we provide consultation regarding the most appropriate solution for your manufacturing environment. 


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