Dynamic pulp thermoforming systems

The process of pulp thermoforming involves the precision forming and drying of various recycled pulp materials to create premium products, disposable products or packaging. Thermoforming provides a strong, dimensionally accurate product with low draft angles. Smooth surfaces suitable for the application of graphics are achievable. Pulp thermoforming serves as an environmentally-friendly plastic alternative with a variety of applications, ranging from disposable cups and plates to high-end consumer packaging. With multiple machine sizes available, Facteon's equipment is capable of producing between two million and two hundred million parts per year. 

Machinery Offerings

M100 Thermoformer

The M100 is suited to your large scale operation with high output, producing 35 to 200 million products per year. The press forming tonnage is rated at 150 tonnes, with cycle time of approximately 30 seconds, depending on your product design.

M30 Thermoformer

The M30 is suited to your small to medium sized operations producing in the range of 6 to 20 million products per year. The press forming tonnage is rated at 30 tonnes offering approximately 30 second cycle time output.

M8 Thermoformer

The M8 is suitable for a smaller scale production. This machine is perfect as a product development or lab machine, enabling parallel development and testing without disrupting production lines.

Tooling & Development

Tool design is an integral component of overall machine design and performance. Facteon can develop prototype tooling to verify the product in process prior to equipment build. This establishes process criteria, product viability and minimises your project risk. 

Manufacture Superior Products

Thermoforming offers stronger, dimensionally accurate products with low draft angles, intricate shapes and smooth surfaces, all without warpage. High-quality graphics can also be printed on your product's surface. 

Utilising Advanced Processes

Facteon are leaders in high pressure pulp thermoforming, using patented technology to achieve a high quality product. High product accuracy is achieved with accurate tool alignment and temperature management systems, despite thermal expansion of tooling and components. Our machine designs include flexible tool change systems and are rated for around-the-clock operations. 


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