Precision oven cavity lines

Our oven cavity lines cater for different constructions, such as a formed four-sided cavity wrapper assembled with a back panel, or individual panel assembly. Solutions can be provided with a range of different automation options for wrapper forming and folding, as well as panel fixturing and assembly. 

Key Technologies & Processes


Facteon's cavity wrapper and panel forming processes are available as stand-alone systems or integrated, traditional hydraulic press and tool systems. These form the grooves for oven racks and trays as well as flanges and features. Quick change tooling and automatic model change transfers reduce downtime. 


Cavity wrapper folding utilises true tangent folding technology for two or four folds, usually of a large radius where flanges are drawn accordingly. We also offer automatic part loading, model change and transfer systems. 

Welding & Clinching

Our team are experts in a variety of welding methods and clinching solutions. Facteon welding systems include spot, laser and plasma to join the wrapper and panels. The clinching methods range from proprietary, self-riveting systems to flange seam locks. Flexibility can be achieved using six-axis robots.


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