Introducing Milne Kite: Sales Engineer

Milne is an engineer by trade. Ready to take on his next challenge, Milne started with Facteon as a Sales Engineer in late 2018. Milne’s role takes him across industries and markets. All of Milne’s contacts benefit from his commitment to working closely with customers to find solutions specific to their business needs.


How did you get your start in engineering?

I finished secondary school and six days later, I started working for an engineering company in South Africa owned by a family friend. I really enjoyed it and I stuck to what I’m good at. Here I am half way across the world from where I started and working at Facteon. In my first engineering role, I was involved in internal sales before progressing to selling machinery. I think the passion I’ve found in sales is rooted in an understanding of the machinery itself and how it works.


Now that you’re working at Facteon, what motivates you to come into work every day?

I enjoy solving complex problems. I think this is what attracted me to engineering in the first place. Complex problems force the development of creative solutions. I think my experience across a diverse range of industries converges in this role. I’ve been involved with many projects, ranging from mining vehicles through to power station structures. Having worked on such a variety of projects, I’m able to take a problem-centric approach. By that, I mean that I can look at the problem and then use my experience to establish the most effective combination of technologies that can be applied to solve the problem. Through taking a problem-centric approach, as opposed to a technology-centric focus, there’s an openness to creating and utilising the technologies that are most suitable, rather than delivering a generic solution.


What’s a personal goal that you hope to achieve in the next five years?

I want to travel more. I’ve been across Europe, Russia (it’s beautiful), Australia and Africa but I want to take my family to the US. I want to stay out of the big cities and head to Montana, Alaska and Oklahoma. There are big open spaces and lots of opportunities to explore the landscape. I’d love to go back to Germany as well. It’s a place of such rich culture and architecture. I particularly enjoyed Berlin.


How would you describe the Facteon Sales Team?

We’re tenacious and willing to go the extra mile for the customer. It’s a highly experienced team as well. We come from very diverse backgrounds, all with highly specialised knowledge. Whether you’re in contact with myself or one of my colleagues, Don and Guil, you’ll be dealing with an engineer. You can also be confident that we’re actively involved in the design process. We’re your advocates within the business ensuring your vision is fulfilled and your business needs are met at every stage.


About Facteon 

At Facteon, we’ve embedded Industry 4.0 technology and thinking into everything we do as a direct result of our own experience. We use that to offer solutions for manufacturers that combine our connected production line products with lean manufacturing processes and our Industrial IoT software platform, COSMOline. We apply the expertise we’ve developed to eliminate the pain points from your manufacturing processes, so you can focus on delivering a superior product to your customers in an efficient and consistent manner.

Milne Kite

Milne Kite

Sales Engineer

Milne has been involved in engineering since 1997. Starting his career with a focus on steel cutting and laser profiles, Milne’s work has involved mining machinery through to bespoke component manufacture. In his role as Facteon’s Sales Engineer, Milne enjoys working with customers to find the most effective solutions to their manufacturing challenges.