Introducing Dameon Andersen: Full Stack Developer

Dameon is an experienced software developer. Having started his career as a chef, Dameon made the move to software development four years ago. He now plays a central role in developing Facteon’s cloud-based Industrial IoT software product, COSMOline.


What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve received?

I’d say to work on personal projects. I think this is where I’ve learned and refined a lot of my skills. I’m then able to apply these skills in real-world situations, like building COSMOline. Personal projects also give you the opportunity to dabble in different industries. The more work you’re able to do in a variety of industries, the more you’re able to develop your skill set.


What do you enjoy most about your work?

I really enjoy the challenge. It’s a new product that we’re building from the ground up. In my past roles, I’ve been working with existing, established products. COSMOline has been built from scratch by our team so it’s been challenging. We didn’t have a base or a blueprint to work off. My previous work has been advertising orientated and involved consumer-facing applications. My previous jobs could be confined to a particular product range, like eCommerce products. This product is a definite diversion from where I’ve previously worked so it’s been an open spectrum of learning.


What’s the greatest challenge you’ve faced at Facteon?

It would be understanding how the customer thinks. It’s important that the product functions in a live factory environment. I think the collaborative nature of the team allows me to gain this understanding. In the software team, we have Industrial IoT experts and implementation engineers who have spent time on customer sites. It’s great to tap into their knowledge and experience on various production sites. It’s essential to always keep the customer in mind when developing any product. With software, it can be easy to develop a narrow focus and look at the part of the software that you’re creating. I always try to look at the bigger picture. That allows me to always keep that end user and how the product would function in mind.

I think the willingness to collaborate is key to managing that challenge. By discussing with the team, any uncertainty in decision making is elevated. Through discussing with front and back end developers as well as our implementation engineers and Industrial IoT experts, we’re able to break the road block down into small parts. Then, I can sanity check my thinking on each of these smaller parts. I can also check that the decision I’m making won’t cause problems down the line. It’s not often that I’d have to take on a big challenge by myself. It’s a methodical approach so I can work through the decision making process with certainty.   


What do you get up to when you’re not optimising factories for the Internet Age?

I’m obsessed with sneakers. I’ve been a collector since 2015. Last year, I had half of my collection stolen so I’m planning to rebuild it. At the moment, I only have twenty pairs so there’s a fair way to go. When I’m not sourcing sneakers, I’m either working on personal coding projects or practicing Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. It’s focused on strength poses, not just flexibility. It also works to improve breathing patterns. I do a mix of group classes and practicing at home. I find it’s a good way to relax after work. I’ve also made quite a few friends through the group classes.


The COSMOline Advantage

One of the key features of our COSMOline Industrial IoT product that I personally find very valuable is the software’s ability to produce measurements and reports for efficiency, quality control, environmental conditions, maintenance and real-time performance. Its ability to turn raw data into valuable production information provides manufacturers with a tool to improve their operations. 


Dameon Andersen

Dameon Andersen

Full Stack Developer

Dameon is an experienced software developer with exposure to a variety of industries and markets. Based at Facteon Headquarters, Dameon works in our software team to develop Facteon's cloud-based, Industrial IoT product, COSMOline. Through developing and implementing intuitive user interfaces, Dameon’s work shapes the user experience. He also aids the team in meeting quality standards and delivery time frames.