Automation & assembly for medical manufacture

Minimal cycle time solutions for advanced automation & assembly in medical device manufacture.

In the application of automation and assembly technologies, it's key to work with an organisation that understands the importance of selectively implementing the most relevant technologies in your smart factory. Facteon integrates proven solutions with bespoke equipment to produce robust and reliable machinery for medical device manufacture. We operate on the forward edge of robotics and vision systems technologies to deliver operational performance benefits to medical manufacturers. 

Automation & assembly solutions for smart manufacturing

High-Quality, Precision Component Machining for Medical Devices

Facteon's in-house Machining Centre has an extensive range of capabilities when it comes to producing precision components for medical devices and their manufacture. A common challenge faced by medical manufacturers is the need to source high-quality precision components that are suitable for the manufacture of medical devices. In a competitive industry, medical manufacturers need to complete research and development projects at speed to bring innovative, life-changing products to market ahead of the competition. 

The Facteon team is able to produce small volume or bespoke components to the most exacting specifications, as well as sourcing the required certifications for your medical device manufacture. We are also experienced in engaging in collaborative design as we take your product from concept to reality. 

Manufacturing Robotics

Facteon has a depth of experience programming and integrating manufacturing robotics in the facilities of many global manufacturers. Due to the stringent standards medical manufacturers must meet, manufacturing robots can ensure standardisation and quality throughout the production process. From part pick and place to packaging, robotics have many applications across medical manufacturing facilities. Learn about the applications of cobots in medical manufacture here. 

Machine & Computer Vision Systems

Machine and computer vision systems can be integrated into your product line to undertake a wide range of tasks. From product validation and quality control through to parts location, picking and assembly, our team uses market leading machine and computer visions systems which can be configured to your specific requirements. For medical manufacturers, you must have confidence in the quality of every product you send to market. Machine and computer vision systems are well-suited to carefully inspecting all critical-to-quality product features before the device leaves your facility. 

Laser Welding Machines

Facteon is highly specialised in the area of laser welding. We focus on producing both an outstanding cosmetic finish and a strong weld. Our machines are utilised by manufacturers producing products with demanding applications. 


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