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COSMOline is designed from the ground-up as a flexible cloud-based Industrial IoT tool for manufacturers of all sizes to integrate across their operations. Our philosophy is that your entire factory and wider workforce should be connected at scale in order to leverage the power of data and information across your business. This leads to improved manufacturing performance, profit and visibility of your manufacturing operations.

COSMOline Modules


Plan, schedule and manage all of your work orders and maintenance tasks. With the Maintenance Module, you're able to have complete visibility over all maintenance activities and which team member they're assigned to. You can view overdue and upcoming tasks as well as schedule new requests with your service provider.


COSMOline's Quality Module allows you to consolidate all of your quality measurements in once place. With tools for statistical analysis, monitoring and alerts, your quality control and operations staff are able to optimise manufacturing operations for repeatability and continuous improvement.


Track, manage and report on your plant's overall equipment effectiveness and other machinery performance measures. You can monitor trends in the efficiency of your plant, report on downtime and drill down into individual pieces of equipment to assess performance.


Connected to the various resource consuming elements of your plant, the Environmental Module collects and displays information on your resource use. It also monitors the quality of resource inputs. 


COSMOline's Reporting Module consolidates all of your operational reporting into one place. You can create dashboards, automated email reporting and ad-hoc analysis of your operation.

In the digital manufacturing age, success hinges on your ability to continually improve the efficiency and quality of your operations. Leveraging the power of production data is pivotal in this process

Reinaldo Silva

Software Products Manager, Facteon

Key Features

Modern, flexible and scalable technology

COSMOline is a modern web application, meaning it runs on any mobile, tablet or desktop device, allowing for rapid deployment across your manufacturing operations. Its modular structure means you can consume as little or as much as you want. COSMOline can be integrated with systems currently in your enterprise technology stack.

Simple pricing makes it clear what you're getting

Our pricing is simple and easy to understand. Based on your unique equipment and production line, we can connect unlimited users across your whole facility. 

Regular feature updates and enhancements

All COSMOline packages offer regular releases of new features to enhance your user experience. 

Open for integration across your organisation

COSMOline has been designed to make the movement of data and information across your operations seamless. With this in mind, COSMOline is designed for easy integration with other business systems and enables the exchange of relevant operational and business information.

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